Slim Fit Shirt

The slim fit shirt is with the regular fit shirt the two models shirts most worn worldwide. The peculiarity of the slim fit shirt is its cuts which, as its name suggests is slim. Let the shirt fitted cut and ready to be worn close your body. More likely and less formal than the regular fit shirt , the slim fit shirt does not fit all body types. Men with a little overweight will have priority going to a shirt straight cut or a large size shirt.

Accessory enjoying unparalleled popularity, the shirt has its place in all men’s wardrobe. Synonymous of elegance, the shirt is nevertheless masterpiece mat comes to infinity models and belongs to all the styles chic, trendy, casual, classical, sportswear, dress etc. One can attach as adjectives to the shirt that there are models. Two cuts are available, the classic straight cut regular fit , suitable for all body types, and the slim fit cut dedicated to slim men. Once you know this, it remains for you to choose from the large range of shirts that we design every year in our two collections.

If you need basic, the plain shirts, blue, white, pink or grey are perfect and easy to match all occasions. If you are looking for fashion models you can turn to embroidery shirts, plaid shirts, lumberjack type or shirts with double collar. In terms of models dressed, turn to the French cuffs shirts or ceremony shirts you can customize with; cufflinks, ties and bow ties.