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Why choose Webmenshirts?

Seven good reasons to trust us!

1. Nine years of presence on the internet.

1. Nine years of presence on the internet.

Internet, in terms of commerce, is the place of competition par excellence. For the past ten years we have opened our e-commerce site, we have seen many of our competitors disappear. The longevity of an e-commerce site is a guarantee of seriousness and reliability as regards the company that manages the site. It is also a sign that our products are of quality as much as our customer service. While consumers today have the opportunity to express their satisfaction on multiple sites and forums, the reputation of a merchant site can not be usurped for long! Gage of additional seriousness, is associated with FIA-NET, the 1st site of evaluation and opinion on the commercial sites in France.

2. Delivery within 72 hours

2. Delivery within 72 hours

Delivery:Colissimo to deliver your package for signature, within 48 hours (business days) for metropolitan France 72 H for Europe and 7 to 10 days for all other destinations.

Packaging:All our shirts are packed in a rigid cardboard box. This helps preserve the quality of our products and ensure the delivery of shirts in perfect condition.

Delivery information:You will receive by mail the shipping number allowing you to follow the delivery of your package on the site

Delivery charges:The delivery costs are calculated according to your delivery address and are added to your cart:
The delivery costs amount to 3,95 € per order available in metropolitan France.
The delivery costs amount to 9.95 € per order available in the DOM-TOM.
The delivery costs amount to 9.95 € per order available in the countries of the E.E.
The shipping costs amount to 14.95 € per order available in the USA & Canada.

Free Delivery :
If your order is more than 70 € and available in metropolitan France. If your order is over 100 € for all overseas France, the other European countries, the United States and Canada.

Credit card debit: Your credit card will only be debited after shipment, within 48 hours (business days) following the confirmation of order.

3. Satisfied or refunded

3. Votre satisfaction est notre priorité

Because your satisfaction is the guarantee of our success, we make it a point of honor to satisfy you. First and foremost by offering you, of course, quality clothing. But as with any purchase on the internet, you are not allowed to try the product before ordering it, you have 14 days to return it. You can get a return number on request. Simply log in to the website under "Your account" and then click on "Request for return or exchange". A return number will be assigned to you online. You can then opt for an exchange or a refund. Refunds are made within 7 days.

If you encounter any problem, you can contact customer service by email at the following address:

The costs of return are your responsibility and, in case of exchange, the shipping costs will be offered to you.

4. Quality at the right price

4. Quality at the right price

Compared to most of our competitors, our specificity is held in one sentence: we are totally independent, designer, manufacturer and exclusive distributor of our own shirts. This means that we control the entire chain, from the initial idea to the delivery of the product to our customers.

This ability to control the production chain of our shirts from start to finish is therefore a major part of our strength. Because it offers us a great freedom of creation, the possibility to choose our fabrics, colors and accessories without any constraint. Last but not least, without traditional intermediaries, we can offer you quality products at the right price.

5. Guaranteed Originality

5. Guaranteed Originality

Our slogan - Exclusive elegance - defines our original project: to offer our customers the opportunity to wear clothes with a unique style. To do this, we have a clear policy. We design a wide variety of shirts - no less than four new annual collections and therefore several hundred new women and men shirts offered each year - but produced in small quantities and never reissued after stock depletion.

In this way, to adopt one of our shirts is to have the assurance of offering a unique and personal style. At the time of the "total look" and the big distribution chains like Gap or Zara flooding the market with products more or less similar, we have chosen to stand out by opting for a totally different policy that leaves a place Much greater to the fancy and the freedom to create.

And it is this freedom that allows our customers to find in our home what is not found anywhere else, namely, original shirts with a strong personality. Everyone can find the shirt, the polo or the sweater that corresponds to his deep aspiration rather than merge into the mass of aseptic production and vertiginous reproducibility. is made for those who consider that fashion designers are not there to create uniforms and who do not wish to dress like sir everybody. For those who still think that fashion can and must be truly creative, to leave the beaten track and to break new paths with freedom and insolence.

By being the creator, manufacturer and distributor of our own shirts, we keep this freedom essential to any true creation. We do not wish to go under the Caudine forks of a fashion in black and white, sad, uniform and monochrome! We try to please ourselves by designing our shirts and being sure that this is the best way to please our customers.

Also, we offer a wide selection of clothes on our website, starting with some 500 models of shirts, perpetually renewed according to the four annual collections we design and produce. In order to provide consumer orientation and a structure for our creations, we have created two brands with strong and distinct identities: Andrew Mac Allister for British inspiration and Emporio Balzani for Italian inspiration. Whether you are sensitive to the charm of trans-Alpine fashion or elegance of English style, you will inevitably find patterns of shirts that match your aspirations

We also created the brand Doublissimo which offers polo shirts and large size shirts destined for men big and strong. And again, the question of style was at the heart of our approach. We found that men with strong stature had little choice when they wanted to buy a shirt. Also we decided to design a wide range of large size shirts to give a real choice as to style. In this way we want to make sure that no one buys a shirt by default, for lack of better, but that everyone, whatever its size and morphology, can choose a shirt model that really is to his liking. And, like the Andrew Mac Allister or Emporio Balzani shirts, Doublissimo shirts are produced in small volumes - from 100 to 150 units at the most - and never reissued once exhausted, but replaced by new models.

So, you will have understood, to afford a shirt on has been assured to offer a unique style!

6. French design

6. French design is a French company, family, specialized in the design, creation and online distribution of shirts. It is in our workshops, located in the Paris region, that we design and develop all models of shirts, polo shirts and other accessories sold on our website.

Before the production of a shirt, many steps are necessary. This includes designing custom designs and patches, selecting cuts, selecting fabrics, designing prototypes, portability, washing, resistance tests, etc. We then select the accessories, stripes, buttons, and we finally launch the preproduction of prototypes in different factories located in Europe. A new series of tests ensues, following which the last necessary corrections are made to the prototypes. They will then serve as models for the production of the collection.

Once this has been produced and received in our premises, much of the work remains to be done. We start by making the shots of all the shirts. Three shots are required to detail each shirt: face, three quarters and back. To do this we have set up a real professional photography studio, equipped with all the necessary equipment: lighting, mannequins, lenses and HD cameras. The high definition of the shots and their quality is essential. This is what allows the buyer to zoom in order to perceive the smallest details of the shirt.

Once the photographs have been made, the products must be put on line and a detailed descriptive sheet must be created for each shirt. It allows the prospective buyer who visits our website to know the details of the shirts posted online. It should be noted that all our products are marketed under our own brands:

- Andrew Mac Allister: a brand that draws its inspiration from British clothing and popular culture and pays tribute to the fashion guns from across the sleeve. From the sleek and elegant outfits of the City gentlemen to punk creations from Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood in the 70s to the swinging London London of the 60s.

- Emporio Balzani: a brand that distils a certain Italian state of mind, which celebrates both a certain idea of the dolce vita and the exceptional production of the big names who have fashioned Italian couture. A fashion that one likes, which goes from Milan to Naples and which can be of subtle elegance as of an exuberant flamboyance.

- Doublissimo: a brand destined only to large and strong men, specializing in the design of large shirts and large size polo shirts. A brand that offers its customers a wide choice of shirts, impeccable quality and a fair price!

Because it is by mastering the entire production cycle, from creation to delivery to the customer's home, that is able to offer a wide range of products of impeccable quality and at unbeatable price.

Initially dedicated exclusively to the shirt world, we gradually and at the request of our customers, expanded our offer. So, in addition to the few hundred men's shirts always available on our website, we offer today a fine range of fashion accessories: belts, ties, cufflinks, scarves and socks for small Accessories, pullovers, vests and polo shirts in regards to the main body of the wardrobe.

7. Loyalty program

7. Loyalty program

Your first purchase on gives you loyalty points that you can transform in as many% of reduction on your next order!

In order to reward the constancy of our customers we have designed a loyalty program. To enjoy it, just become a customer and nothing more.

In fact, every 10 euros of purchase, you get 0.5 reward points. A loyalty point is equal to a 1% discount on your purchases (excluding postage).

So if you place a first order of 100 euros, you get 5 reward points. You can then transform these 5 points into 5% reduction on your next order, with a simple click when you pay for your purchases.

The loyalty points are cumulative and without any limit of validity, you can also choose to accumulate them for later use (up to a maximum of 15% reduction).

Coupons can be used on all items on our website, except for discounted or discounted items.

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