Whatever his dress, an elegant man must wear a belt. Indeed, belt, besides being useful, is an essential fashion accessory. It is even necessary to own several, to match every outfit, from the sportswear to be worn with jeans, to the more formal, to wear with a suit. Leather belt Reversible belt, canvas belt, it'll just make your choice.

Fashion is, as everyone knows, details matter. This is why the accessories are important and even for some, absolutely essential. The belt is of those who must carry essential to complete a look, not only in case of necessity. Equally important for wearing cufflinks with French cuffs shirts. And then we can talk about letting his imagination and opt for the original cufflinks that will bring the little refreshing touch to a strict suit and tie. The tie which, if it is not an essential accessory and many elegant men decide to do without it, however, is not to store the back of his closet. On the contrary, now is it is no longer mandatory to wear it is fun to do!

Still in the accessories department, there are scarves that are worn in all seasons. The cashmere scarf is still the must-have winter, while fine cotton scarf is increasingly popular and reach in all seasons by fashion addict. Anyway, in all circumstances, the accessories are real assets that allow you to put the finishing touch to your outfit.