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How to choose a ceremony shirts

The shirt is the fashion accessory goes everywhere by excellence in that it can be worn on all occasions by its variations. The short sleeved shirt or blouse perfectly summer we will both weekend on the beach, the shirt collar broken that we adopt for special occasions, the shirt is available and fits at all events. It is this flexibility and complete adaptability that makes the great strength and one might say, the supremacy of this part of the male wardrobe on all others. Just think, to be convinced that if we can easily replace a shirt or a polo shirt with a shirt, you never can replace a shirt with a t-shirt or polo. In this article, we will focus on the most dress shirts models, the ones you're likely to be adopted for special occasions and especially at weddings.

Weddings shirts

About weddings, there is an unwritten rule about keeping to adopt: the groom must be the best dressed. Then come the witnesses and finally the guests. This implies that all are elegant, but with three levels of sophistication in setting. Now we will present the types of tailored shirts at weddings and other ceremonies.

Bow tie collat shirt

Start by talking about shirts with wing collar, the most sophisticated and elegant, but also to match the most demanding of all. Indeed, wing collar shirt is special in that it is worn with a bow tie, never open collar or with a tie, it goes with a tuxedo, not a single suit, and finally, it should be as black or white, other colors are to be prohibited under penalty of committing an irreparable lack of taste! Black, the wing collar shirt is worn with a tuxedo and a white bow tie, white, the wing collar shirt is worn with a tuxedo and a black bow tie. All these rules must be respected scrupulously, making the shirt collar broken a very elitist accessory that will not fit, therefore, to all types of marriage, but only the most exclusive. Let's add some broken collar shirts also have a plastron. It is a piece of material that covers the chest. This round yoke generally consists of a fabric perfectly and finely pleated is inlaid on the front of the shirt and occupies the entire left section visible through the opening of the tuxedo jacket.

The French cuff shirts

Then comes the cuff shirts. This is a very traditional shirt, usually with a straight cut that we focus exclusively on a suit (also with a straight cut). The peculiarity of the cuff shirts and, one might say, making its appeal stands in his wrists. The musketeer cuffs are indeed endowed with free flaps and buttons. They are therefore buttons with cufflinks, which makes a lot of charm cuff shirts because there are all kinds of cufflinks, which are, it must be remembered, among the few jewelry for men , the most precious to the most original. Strict by nature, cuff shirts can be made pretty fashion through the use of fancy cufflinks who quietly but surely bring a touch of originality and freshness to your bet. The musketeer shirt is worn with a tie, silk recess, and following two rules common to all folders: the tie must be united if the shirt is not (gingham, stripes or patterns) and can not be of variegated grounds only if the shirt is united and finally the necktie must be adapted to the size of the neck. The musketeer shirts are usually topped with Italian collar or Italian half-dol offering a wide opening, it will opt for an equally wide node type node or double Windsor knot.

Premium Dress Shirt

The third and final category of shirt that one can choose to a wedding or a ceremony, we could simply named dress shirt. The range is so wide enough. A dress shirt is defined by a classic style, not about fashion shirt which would denote recess, a hard collar (French or Italian collar but never soft American collar and buttoned), long sleeves with single button cuffs, a cut impeccable and beautiful quality fabric. The choice of cut straight or curved must be done according to your morphology. If you are slim, you can opt for a slim fit, if you have a little overweight, you must choose a straight cut. Knowing that the shirt cutting decides that the costume. The hard collar, be it a small collar, a French collar or spread collar, is required to wear a tie that is chosen close when wearing a slim fit shirt with a small collar and wide when wearing a shirt straight cut with a wide neck. As to match his shirt with his suit, this requires respect a harmony of color, but also take care to create a dialogue dress pieces together. Three options are available: with a plain outfit can either wear a plain shirt or patterned (discrete recess for occasions such as weddings). With a striped suit you can wear a plain shirt in no case a patterned shirt or scratches.
Needless to say, whatever the adopted shirt, impeccable Ironing is still necessary!

Ceremony Dress Shirt

Ceremony Dress Shirt

Ceremony French Cuffs Shirt

Ceremony French Cuffs Shirt

Fashion Dress Shirt

Fashion Dress Shirt

Bow Tie Collar Shirt

Bow Tie Collar Shirt


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