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The details should not be overlooked

The style is in the details. Here are a few to be reckoned with. We have reviewed from top to bottom!
The right tie for the right shirt

We begin by the shirt collar. The right tie for each  collar's shirt

The tie must indeed be adapted to the shirt collar, starting with the node that should be adapted to the width of the neck: Windsor type wide node for a spread collar, small knot to a small pass. Width for the tie should also be adapted to the notch of the collar of the jacket of your suit. With a bent suit a narrow tie and adopt a suit straight cut, wide tie. Finally, it must be added that a tie worthy of the name must be 100% pure silk.

Good use of the pouch

A cover is a piece of cloth that is positioned in the breast pocket of a suit jacket. We will select the solid and preferably white or a color reminiscent of the suit but a shade lighter or darker to avoid errors of taste. We bend according to the rigor of the flat fold suit, fold a tip or baggy fold. In all cases we will take care to choose a silk pouch.
button issue
Buttoning the jacket. You should know that it is customary to never button the top button of his jacket. This known rule Stylish Men is in use since the Duke of Windsor (1841-1910) made it his own. It is to him that we owe the necktie that bears his name. Similarly, you never buttoned the last button of his waistcoat. This allows the male figure to be freer and less hampered by his clothes. Similarly, it unbuttons his jacket when sitting and is buttoned when you get up.

The cuffs

shirt cuffs should ideally exceed slightly the wrists of your jacket and be visible. But beware, there is no question here of one or half a centimeter maximum, and we will ensure that both shirt cuffs are also balanced and visible.

The necessary belt

Now we arrive at the waist. And there, again, is an imperative: the seat belt. Indeed, if the belt was invented for practical purposes, namely to keep the pants not he fall, she long since beyond this simple use to become a full-fledged fashion accessory that we can not be pass. The belt should ideally be leather, featuring elegant loop and a width which does not exceed that of passersby of your suit pants. We will choose the black or brown preferably to the next easily match the color of the suit.

The hem

It is rare that a pants suit just falls. It is therefore almost always any need to make a hem. This is essential if your pants have a beautiful fallen. But the key to hem it is also a matter of taste, use and therefore mode. The right length should allow the pants fall to the shoe by a single fold on the front and hit the back of one or two centimeters from the top of the sole. Nevertheless, and in any case, it does not need the pants falls on your shoes by many folds or that discovers your ankle!


When wearing a suit must opt ​​for thin socks socks type of Scotland wire. No way to wear your white sportwear socks with a suit and dress shoes. It must match the color of his socks with either the color of his trousers, the color of his shoes. For example, with a gray suit and black shoes or brown taste of the fault can be worn without risk and gray socks with a navy suit you will wear black shoes and navy blue socks.

The shoes

Whatever the style of your outfit, the beauty of your suit and shirt, it is imperative to wear a nice pair of shoes and, in addition, to have them perfectly waxed. After all, you can wear the most beautiful clothes that are cut and better, if one is wrong floor, you never hugged elegant. With a suit can not wear that dress shoes, leather and preferably also feature leather soles. then take care of polish not only the boot, but also the edges of the heel of the latter. And we must never forget that only a very nice pair of shoes can forget a passable outfit. It is a major asset to be on your side.


Latest council which this time concerns all the clothes you are going to wear. Particularly well-ironing is a must! wrinkled clothes, except for some linen pieces are particularly neglected and is not suitable for special occasions which requires careful implementation.

Dress shirt

Dress shirt

Ceremony shirt

Ceremony shirt

Fashion shirt

Fashion shirt

Casual shirt

Casual shirt


  • Slim fit shirt in patterned fabric AB2AM2


    Slim fit shirt in patterned fabric




  • Double-breasted slim fit shirt DOTTIO-AA2EB1

    Double-breasted slim fit shirt




  • Chemise popeline armurée

    Shirt woven popelin fabric




  • Chemise fil à filFIRENZE Emporio balzani XP2EB2

    Shirt pick and pick fabric




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