Dress shirt

The shirt is one of the most elegant fashion accessories, and much to say right now, a must when it comes to adopt a formal dress or gala. But who says dressy suit said event or tuxedo, and it is well known that we can not wear any shirt under a suit jacket or a tuxedo. Opportunities abound to stand on its thirty-one. We will now try to take stock and give you some good advice to avoid bad taste.

wing collar shirt or a simple dress shirt

The output in night clubs is always the opportunity to be stylish. But this is not to do too much. We are there to party and if one needs to be well dressed, some relaxation is called for. Do not bother to get his tuxedo. A suit will suffice and we can then opt for a slim fit shirt and fashion that will happily contrast with the natural harshness of the suit.

Dress shirt for smoking

Other occasions such as gala evenings or early opera will allow you to try out your tuxedo. Then you have absolutely bring you two accessories: a shirt with wing collar and a bow tie. Indeed, with a tuxedo, there is no alternative but to wing collar shirt, and with a broken neck no choice as the bow tie. Therefore, at ChemiseWeb, we designed a complete line of white shirts with bow tie collar. These are very dress shirts, adorned with metal buttons and feature, for some, breastplates. The plastron is a pleated fabric piece that takes place on the chest. Formerly, the breastplate was an accessory that had just been added to the shirt that was originally, it must be remembered, with different mobile accessories collar, cuffs and removable so plastron. Today, the plastron is sewn to the same folder and is always visible, even when the jacket is buttoned, since it takes place in the cut of his collar.

Suit or smoking ?

The costume is certainly dressed room, but all in all boilerplate. In fact, the suit will be both in a professional setting in the evening or at ceremonies such as weddings or baptisms. The curved suit worn over a matching shirt and fashion will be an outfit perfectly suited to a nightclub in the evening. If wearing a simple costume gives you so much flexibility in the choice of your shirt, wearing a tuxedo is much more codified. Starting with the choice of colors. The tuxedo is, with very few exceptions, always black. He then systematically door topped with a white shirt with a wing collar which it will tie a black bow tie. Its elegance obviously comes from this rigor that takes almost that of the uniform and the black contrast on white game. There will be only a few exceptional occasions.

Dress shirt bow tie collar

Dress shirt bow tie collar

Turtle collar dress shirt

Turtle collar dress shirt

Wedding shirt

Wedding shirt

French cuffs shirt

French cuffs shirt

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