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Men's shirt: find the right size

In fashion, there are many rules to follow if you want to remain stylish at all times. One of the primary issues is the choice of the size of the garment. Indeed, a garment, as beautiful as it is and whatever its quality will never be smart if it is not adjusted to your size and fits your morphology. This is true of every room in your closets, and perhaps more particularly for suits and shirts, clothes dressed by excellence and therefore do not support the approximately. The question arises especially when it comes to buy a shirt online, by definition it is not possible to try the model before buying. Also we offer here some benchmarks in order to choose the shirt that suits you perfectly. If however this was not the case, do not panic, remember that you can always return your product to change size as soon as possible!

The size chart

First, it is important to define as precisely as possible your size. To find your way, you can watch the size of the folders that are already in your wardrobe. This will give a first indication, but we must not forget that according to the marks and cuts, the same size on the label may, when worn, be different. To put it plainly, there may be a Lacoste shirt size 38 you go perfectly, while you will choose a size 39 Ralph Lauren. To determine your size as fine as possible, you can measure your neck with a tape measure. The taking of the measure should be as low as possible, to the base of the neck. For you there, you can refer to our size grids.

Furthermore, and again, remember that if you order a shirt and it turns out to reception that it is not in your size, you can return it to us and to choose one that suits best.

The cut

The size of a shirt is one thing, its cut is another, and we can not pretend to guide you in choosing your shirt without mentioning the issue of the cut. Roughly two cuts are on shirt: the slim fit and straight cut. And it is your body that must guide your choices to one or the other. The slender men can freely choose between a slim fit shirt or a shirt straight cut. You should know that the slim fit will always be more flattering because it puts more value in the torso and the silhouette. Also, we advise you to opt for the cup, but if your body allows. Men with a few curves have meanwhile still cheaper to opt for a shirt with straight cut. It will refine their figure and, in any case, do not accuse them overweight. As for the great and strong men, their size will require them to opt for a large shirt with a cut specially designed for them. In this area, we have designed a brand Doublissimo and developed collections of shirts, polo shirts and large size.

Shoulder width

Once removed the issue of choice of the cut of your shirt, the first benchmark will let you know if a shirt for you or not. This is to identify the width of the shoulders. The shoulder seam to happen just before the fall of the shoulder, at the junction of the horizontal shoulder line and the vertical line of the arm. Note that this benchmark is also valid for other clothing such as jackets, polo shirts, t-shirts or sweaters and vests. Indeed, no less elegant than a shirt or worse, a jacket with sloping shoulders.

The length of the bust

When wearing a dress shirt, it is essential that you can get enough fabric length in your pants, so that your shirt does not comes out at the slightest movement a bit loose from you. If this is the case is that your shirt is not tailored to your body, it is too short. If you take a casual look and want to wear your shirt out of your pants, be sure to choose a shirt whose bottom is rounded and not right.

Sleeve length

A handle should be neither too long nor too short to be elegant. Ideally, it should arrive, when you arm extended downward at the joint of the wrist and hand. If you wear your shirt under a jacket, it is good that your shirt sleeve than half a centimeter from the sleeve of your jacket. A shirt with too short or too long sleeves will never elegant. It will give the impression that you are either encased in a shirt that is not yours or neglected in a shirt that you borrowed from a friend on two sizes larger than you!

The notch cuffs

Once buttoned your shirt cuff should not "strangle" your wrist, but left free to wear a watch without hinder. It is therefore able to fit two fingers between your neck and your wrist. If not, beware the effect "funnel" the most inelegant.

The collar

In terms of your shirt collar, two solutions. Either you intend to wear a tie with said jacket, either you wear open collar. In the first case, you have to button your collar. Make sure when, cervix closed, you can insert two fingers in the space that lies between your neck and neck. If there is more space, your neck will be too large and inelegant once tied with a tie and if there is less, your neck will be too small and hinder you. If you do not wear a tie, this question does not arise. That said, it is of the passes that are elegant with a tie and that will not easily open. This is for example the case of the French Pass.

Regular fit shirt

Regular fit shirt

Slim fit shirt

Slim fit shirt

Large size shirt

Large size shirt

Slim fit woman's shirt

Slim fit woman's shirt

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